Greta constructs sculpture from salvaged scrap metal which is described as figurative sculpture.

“The last two years focusing on birds, from the playful to the menacing, constructed from scrap steel. Many of my earlier pieces are of the female figure.”

What are your main mediums and subjects?

I have made work in stone, terracotta and steel. My main subjects are women and birds, the latter because they show so many characteristics from elegant to the clumsy, humorous to the menacing.

Where did your art journey start and what made you fall in love with your practice?

I met my materials early in life but did not realize it at the time; I watched my father carving stone, potters throwing clay, and blacksmiths forging iron. All enthralled me with their smells and shaping. 

I fell in love with clay first and worked with it for 20 years, making and teaching. Then a chance journey found me in the west of Ireland looking for Conemarra Marble. And Cornwall looking for Polyphant soapstone and so I worked with stone for a few years. Then came a commission that meant learning to weld. And that changed everything.

Is Dorset an inspiration for you?

Dorset gave me peace, air to breath and space to work on a larger scale.

Has the pandemic affected or influenced your practice?

My life is quiet anyway, but even I felt time slipping away. But so much worse for the young who need to be out there making things happen.

My ideas are slow burners so nothing yet about the pandemic…

What are you most looking forward to at Dorset Art Weeks this year? Are there any projects that you are particularly excited to showcase?

In 2019 Cleo Evans; Arts Development Company and Tara Hansford Countryside Development officer for DCC invited me to join the Parish boundary project where each of the 10 ten artists would make a piece to mark their parish boundary where it meets the Coastal Path.

I worked on the theme of a young, determined young woman clamber up to reach an Ichthyosaurus Which I put of her head. It is Mary Anning. The head of the hammer she is about to wield is one I found on the beach in Lyme Regis on the old collapsed dump, very near where MA found her famous fossil. In the finished work the fossil is silver and the body black.

Because of all the problems of the last year MA has not been installed. I very much hope she will be in time for DAW.

Since completing MA I have been working on an all steel woman in much the same pose but a tad more abstracted. I call her ‘Indomitable Woman’

And I have made a series of tiny steel bird-like images made from the same scrap material from the beach. Now as I talk, I realize that people seeing the work is what I have missed because until then the work is incomplete.


You can visit Greta’s venue 11am-5pm every day this Dorset Art Weeks.

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