130 The Lockdown Collection

A group of four Arts University Bournemouth artists who are staying creative during these trying times.

The Lockdown collection is made up of four emerging artists, Dylan Leddington, Eden Alarcon, Ivy Pahlevan, and Sadie Aston. With three members of the four graduating this year and then Eden in the next year, have all had their studies and practices effected by the global pandemic. However, each artist had the mentality of overcoming the new pressures through their individual creativity. Using AUB as the venue and their shared love with all things visual, will seek to share artworks that are the product of the new world we live in.

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Note: This entry has indicated they are only participating online in DAW 2021, and will NOT be open physically. Please do not visit them, you are able to get in touch using the contact details above.


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