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Dorset Art Weeks

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Going, going, gone!

Following the postponement of Dorset Art Weeks 2020 the hammer has now come down on the online Dorset Art Weeks Auction, hosted by The Auction Hub, a Dorset Art Weeks 2020 sponsor and Dorset Visual Arts, supported by Arts Council England.

There were over 200k unique visitors to the Auctionet site and in excess of 2,300 bids. Items were sold throughout a huge geographical region with UK and Sweden the most popular, and across USA, France, Portugal, Lithuania and Denmark. Over 80 Dorset Artists and Makers works have been seen and appreciated far and wide.
You can still meet some of the participating artists here

Visit The Auction Hub for further information

ACE Logo
ACE Logo

The Dorset Art Weeks 2020 Team have now stood down, this is to protect the future of the DAW event and to focus on rescheduling for DAW2021.

DAW is one of the largest Open Studio Events in the country bringing artists and visitors together in ways that are often remarkable and profoundly different from entering a public gallery. As COVID-19 dominates all our lives the DVA Board and DAW team respectfully ask for your continued patience as they find the best way to protect this much loved event.

DAW will remain fundamentally as much about engagement between people as about people and art. Where at almost all 300+ venues the artists, designers or makers will be on-hand to help you engage with the work, even more keen to talk to you about the extraordinary range of materials, skills and traditions that inform their practice. And there will now be an opportunity to express artistically how COVID-19 has impacted on all of their lives.

Stay safe, be sociably responsible and together we can look forward to a healthy, strong society and to celebrate with DAW2021.


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